From an early age music has been an integral part of the up-and-coming DJ/Producer, Roger Ye’s life. Also known as Sensualise, he was born in Melbourne, Australia, and studied Classical Music as a child, leading to his ability to play multiple instruments including the violin, piano and guitar, and moved on to his completion of a Degree in Audio Production at SAE.

As a producer, Sensualise draws on all his influences and inspirations to create his music, which has seen him produce tracks ranging from Hardstyle, House, and Hip Hop, to more experimental music.

Trance, however, has always been the main passion for Sensualise throughout his 7 years of producing, gaining the support from world renowned artists including W&W, MaRLo, Mark Sixma and Ben Nicky just to name a few, with his edits, mashups and original productions.